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Raëlism is a UFO religion which is also known as Raëlianism founded by Claude Vorilhon(Raël) in 1970s France.

  • According to the belief the extraterrestrial or aliens species known as Elohim created human and programmed them by their advanced technology. It holds that Elohim created forty human hybrids who served as the prophets for promoting humanity throughout the world. Some of them are Jesus of Nazareth, prophet Muhammad, The Buddha including Raël.

Rael claimed in his book “Le Livre Qui Dit La Verité” ( Book that tells the truth) that he experienced these aliens on December 13, 1973, when he was walking along the Puy De Lassolas in Clermont Ferrand where one of the spaceship appeared in mountains. He also claimed that these aliens will come again in 2025 in the Jerusalem.

Vampire Community

According to many scholars such as as J. Gordon Melton (author of The Vampire Book), Katherine Ramsland (Piercing the Darkness) and Rosemary Ellen Guiley (Vampires Among Us) vampires really do exist. These vampires are not evil and not as shown in movies.

  • Vampires suck blood by the permission of donors. Moreover, they drink it when they satisfy with the reports of donor and their sharp teeth is the result of surgery.

There are three types of vampires :

SangunarianThese vampires ingest a small amount or a few drops of blood. They take out blood by injection not direct because they don’t want to do any harm.

Psychic-  It is not necessary to consume blood for psychic vampires, they need energy to survive. They take energy in different way, two most common are through touching and through proximity feeding.

Lifestylers- These vampires don’t require feeding energy and consuming blood but they participate in vampire subculture by dressing in a Gothic fashion.

People of vampire community prefer to live in dark places but it doesn’t mean that the cannot perform their activity in daytime. Besides the habit of sucking blood, tradition of keeping sharp teeth, living in dark places, they are normal human beings.


This religion began with the creation of Flying Spaghetti Monster in 2005 by Bobby Henderson, a physics graduate of Oregon State University.

  • The myth of the creation by pastafarians is that after drinking heavily, an invisible and undetectable flying spaghetti monster created the universe.

He published a letter on the internet when he sent a letter about taking class on flying spaghetti monster to Kansas State Board of Education and got no response from them. This monster have two large meatballs & a lot of Spaghetti noodles in its structure. In 2011, the government of Austria allows to wear colander as a religious headgear in license photo for pastafarians along with Massachusetts and other countries.


On inspiring from famous movie series of Star Wars this religion is created. The international Church of Jediism was founded by Daniel Jones in 2007 along with this brother Barney when he was 23 years old.

This religion have ideas similar to Buddhism and Christianity. There are 21 maxims in a Jediism which shows the qualities of jedi(people of the reigion) these are :-

Loyalty, Justice, Prowess, Faith, Defense, Courage, Humility, Fearlessness, Nobility , Honesty, Pure Motive, Discipline, Focus, Discretion, Meditation, Training , Integrity, Morality, Conflict, Intervention, Harmony.

 The religious symbol of this religion is ‘J ‘ which is modified and emerged along with the holy cross which signifies Christianity.

Iglesia Maradoniana

The most satisfying facts of this religion is that every person have to put his / her middle name Diego and if you more than one son then name your first son Diego.

The respect towards Diego can be seen by this practise.

Not only basis of religious belief religions can be created by the fandom, the Iglesia Maradoniana was made in honor of late Argentine football player Diego Maradona on 30 October 1998, in the Rosario in Argentina.

There are some commandments in the religion that are –

  • The ball is never soiled
  • Preach and spread the church of Maradona
  • Love football above all else
  • Declare unconditional love for Deigo and the beauty of football
  • Spread the news of Diego’s miracles throught the universe
  • Don’t proclaim Diego as a member of single team
  • Defend the Argentina Shirt
  • Honor the temples where he played and his sacred shirts

Bonus Fact

Universe people - Cosmic people

Universal People

It is an another Czech and UFO religion founded in 1990s. The people of this religion claims that they have good connections with the aliens & can contact with the extraterrestrial species with the telepathy or something.

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