Discovering the Hidden Gems of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a city full of iconic landmarks and tourist attractions, but there are also many lesser known places that are worth exploring. From hidden gardens and secret staircases to abandoned movie sets and offbeat museums, LA has a wealth of interesting and unusual places to visit. In this blog, we'll take a look at some of the most interesting and lesser known places to visit in Los Angeles.

1. The Mysterious Murals of Venice Beach

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Venice Beach is known for its colorful murals, but one mural in particular stands out for its enigmatic message. The “Venice Sign” mural, located on the side of a building at the corner of Pacific and Windward Avenues, features a giant letter “V” and the words “Venice” and “California.” The mural was created in the 1970s by artist Ed Ruscha, and its meaning remains a mystery to this day. Some speculate that the mural is a commentary on consumerism or the commodification of art, while others believe it is simply a tribute to the neighborhood. Whatever its meaning, the Venice Sign mural is a must-see for anyone interested in street art and the quirky side of LA.

2. The Ghostly Movie Sets of Paramount Ranch

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Located in the Santa Monica Mountains, Paramount Ranch was once a popular movie and television filming location. The ranch was used as a backdrop for many classic films and TV shows, including “The Cisco Kid,” “Gunsmoke,” and “The Virginian.” In 2018, the ranch was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire, but the ruins of the old movie sets have been preserved as a reminder of the ranch’s rich history. Visitors to Paramount Ranch can explore the abandoned movie sets and imagine what it must have been like to film a Western or a sci-fi epic in this picturesque location.

3. The Abandoned Zoo at Griffith Park

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Griffith Park is a popular destination for hikers and picnickers, but few people know that the park was once home to a zoo. The Griffith Park Zoo operated from 1912 to 1966, and featured a wide variety of animals, including bears, lions, monkeys, and even a kangaroo. After the zoo closed, the animals were relocated and the cages and exhibits were left to decay. Today, the abandoned zoo is a popular destination for urban explorers and photographers, who can explore the rusting cages and abandoned animal enclosures.

4. The Secret Staircases of Silver Lake

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Silver Lake is a trendy neighborhood in Los Angeles known for its hipster coffee shops and indie boutiques, but it also has a rich history of public staircases. The neighborhood is home to dozens of hidden staircases, many of which were built in the 1920s and 1930s as a way for residents to access the hillside neighborhoods without using the winding and narrow roads. The staircases are now popular with hikers and fitness enthusiasts, who use them as a challenging workout.

5. The Intriguing Institution of the Museum of Jurassic Technology

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Located in the Culver City neighborhood, the Museum of Jurassic Technology is a strange and fascinating institution that defies easy explanation. The museum is dedicated to the “advancement of knowledge and the public appreciation of the Lower Jurassic,” and its exhibits include everything from ancient artifacts to modern scientific discoveries. The museum’s exhibits are often enigmatic and obscure, and many visitors are left wondering what, exactly, they have just seen. Whether you find it enlightening or bewildering, the Museum of Jurassic Technology is a must-see for anyone interested in the unusual and the unexpected.

6. The Enchanted Garden at the Huntington Library

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The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens is a popular destination for art and history buffs, but it also has a hidden gem that is not to be missed. The Enchanted Garden is a small garden located on the grounds of the Huntington, and it is a true oasis of calm and beauty. The garden is filled with colorful flowers, bubbling fountains, and hidden corners, and it is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

7. The Surreal Sculptures of El Parque de Los Muertos

Located in the Boyle Heights neighborhood, El Parque de Los Muertos (The Park of the Dead) is a surreal sculpture garden that is not for the faint of heart. The park is filled with giant sculptures of skeletons, monsters, and other creepy creatures, and it is a popular destination for Halloween enthusiasts and fans of the macabre. Whether you’re in the mood for a spooky adventure or just want to see something unusual, El Parque de Los Muertos is definitely worth a visit.


Los Angeles is a city full of hidden gems and lesser known places that are worth exploring. From the mysterious murals of Venice Beach to the abandoned zoo at Griffith Park, there is always something new and interesting to discover. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just visiting, these hidden corners of LA are sure to surprise and delight.


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