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The Great Pyramid Of Giza Facts


We have heard many countries which are famous for their great work, Denmark for quality education, France for tourism, India for variety of cultures and many more. But do you know a country/place which is famous for it’s mysteries. Yes you guessed it right from the title, it is indeed The Egypt, land of mysteries and facts. So hold on to your phone tightly to dive into some of the mysterious facts of Ancient Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza & Orion constellation Connection

Egypt ancient science
Egypt ancient science


The great pyramids of Giza are known for their amazing & wonderful stonework but they hold mysteries that belongs to the vast sky also.

  • The Orion- Pyramids correlation theory posits that there is a connection between Orion belt stars (Alnitak & Mintaka – terminal stars & Alnitam – middle star) and position of three largest pyramids of Giza. The pyramids are established in such a unique way that each of the three pyramid holds one star of Orion belt.                                                                           
  • According to the Egyptian culture the stars of Orion constellation are associated with the Osiris ” The God of rebirth and afterlife “. Depending on version of theory additional pyramids can be included to complete the Orion constellation picture along with Nile river to match with Milky Way.

The theory was first published in 1989 in ” Discussions in Egyptology ” vol. 13 . This theory gained popularity in very less time along with the ” The Orion Mystery ” in 1994 as well as BBC documentary, ” The Great Pyramid : Gateway to the stars “.

The Great Sphinx & Summer Solstice

Egypt ancient science


The Great Sphinx of Giza is a giant 4500 year old limestone statue with head of human and body of lion. It is also one of the most recognisable relics of the ancient Egyptians. According to the various theories The Great Sphinx suggests the statue was erected for the Pharaoh Khafre (about 2603-2578 BC).

  • The Sphinx’s position holds the fact of summer solstice i.e. Sphinx was made in such a way that during summer solstice in June, when the sun sets between the pyramids of pharaoh Khufu (Khafre’s father) and Khafre, the position of the sun is exactly behind the head of sphinx.

According to the Egyptian culture the great Sphinx during the time of summer solstice resembles with the great Egyptian god, Anubis ( God with head of jackal and body of human ).

Death of King Tutankhamun

Egypt ancient science

The death of Egyptian king Tutankhamun (Tut) remains a mystery. Tutankhamun was the young (17-19 years old) ruler of the Pharaoh’s dynasty of the golden age who died in the teenage. The tomb of King Tut was buried in the Valley of Kings – Thebes (currently known as Luxor).

  • There are many guess about the death of King Tut without any strong evidence like brain injury, blood poisoning, infection and the most probable reason was murder. But Chariot Crash theory in 2014, producers of BBC documentary, postulated that Tut died in chariot crash that broke his legs and pelvis and resulted in an infection & perhaps death by blood poisoning. In actual this theory involves all of the reason of Tut’s death.

Mural in the King Tut’s tomb somehow proves this theory. 

Direction of Shaft of King's and Queen's chamber

Egypt ancient science

The most interesting fact of the pyramids is based on true love and faith in God. The shaft of King’s chamber is directed towards the Orion and that of queen’s chamber is directed towards the star Sirius. It was believed that the King and Queen will meet to the Osiris– “The god of rebirth and afterlife” after death and this narrow beam would help them to reach their god.

Who built Pyramids? Slaves or Builders

Egypt ancient science

In Hollywood movies we have ever seen that pyramids and other ancient sculptures were made by slaves, which is a wrong perception. In 1990 the graves of builders was first founded by a tourist and the chief archaeologist of Egypt Zahi Hawass confirmed that pyramids were actually built by builders rather than slaves.

  • The builders were recruited from the poor families who came from north and south. Builders were well paid & well feed along their families. According to the Herodotus, a Greek historian, about 100,000 built them but according to modern Egyptologists there were 20,000-30,000 builders.

Builders who were died during the building time of pyramid, were buried in tomb beside the King’s tomb in their honor.

Alignment of Pyramids

Egypt ancient science

The pyramids at Giza were built by extreme accuracy at that time when not a single dot of technology was present. We can also identify the exact directions on standing along with pyramids.

  • The pyramids at Giza also tells us the correct directions to a person standing there. Pyramids are aligned in such a way that each face of the pyramid is heading towards one direction. According to the Glen Dash (an engineer who studied the pyramids) method of Fall Equinox is used in making of But due to disturbance in tectonic plates there are some minor difference in exact direction by pyramid.

Bonus Fact

The Great Pyramid Of Giza Facts


There has been a famous facebook post which corelates the coordinate of pyramid of Giza and the speed of light. 

  • Speed Of Light :- 299792458 m/s 
  • Pyramid Of Giza :- 29.9792458°N

You can read more about in details in his great work by Robin Spivey. Here he has explained all the claims and proclaims in a much more scientific manner. As of now it is believed that it’s just a mere coincidence with such precision. 


According to us the Ancient Egyptians were very advanced of their time. But how the great pyramids were built is still a mystery apart from having such an amount of scientific and academic advancements. Also the various facts mentioned above twists our minds and whether we still believe some recently discovered events to be merely a coincidence. We can understand it’s hard to digest it into our brains. What do you think about this, comment below..!!

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